What is Bootcamp Coaching?

Bootcamp Coaching is a workout not for your body, but for your mind and feelings.

With Bootcamp Coaching, you are going to work on your personal development. It is not about losing those excess pounds or to become physically stronger/faster but to develop mental fortitude. With mental fortitude, your body will follow naturally. Or as the proverb says, “a healthy mind in a healthy body.”

Bootcamp Coaching is based on the belief that all individual aspects of one’s life – career, relationship, relaxation, personal growth, finances – are linked and directed towards the ultimate goal of that person. I zoom in on all these aspects that make you who you are. Just like in a traditional bootcamp, you train your entire body and not just focus on cardio or strength training.

People want to change, but do not want to be changed.

I will ask you questions, I listen and give you space, instead of instructing and advising. I am convinced that people want to change but do not want to be changed. Bootcamp Coaching is done together. Our collaboration creates a powerful coaching relationship between two equals.

I will coach on the basis of what will happen during our conversation. For example, I can give you an exercise or tell from my personal experience. The next moment the roles are reversed and you will tell me what you need. It is a fluent game of give and take. Everything that happens is a chance to learn and move on.

At times this can be confrontational and forces you out of your comfort zone. It is not without reason. After all, this is a bootcamp for your heart and mind. If you want to continue to develop that is to be expected. I promise you that the insights it will provide will be worth the temporary inconvenience.

The four pillars of Bootcamp Coaching

1. You come first:
During our bootcamp your personal and professional development is at the centre stage.

2. Satisfaction:
The sense of satisfaction will be determined by what you think is truly valuable and of the utmost importance. By understanding what your values are, you are able to make better choices that will give your life more meaning and satisfaction.

3. Balance:
Finding the right balance is a matter of making choices. I’m going to help you to broaden your perspective and teach you to say yes to one thing and no to the other. By learning new patterns you will be able to break through existing patterns. Balance is a continuous process that never stops.

4. Process:
Maintain and stay consistent. Sometimes you can focus too much on the end result and lose sight of how to get there. That is why Bootcamp Coaching focuses on where you are, how you want to be and want to feel.

Why and for whom?

If you want to know for whom Bootcamp Coaching is suitable and why you should do Bootcamp Coaching click here.